Paper Street Press

Paper Street Press was founded in 2010 by Christopher Lauzon as an intimately-scaled independent publishing company. Its first publication was the collection of poetry Just Some Words in June 2010, which was limited to just 100 copies. The company then lay mostly dormant until early 2013, when two additional volumes were published: the non-fiction novella Racquets & Rocks and a second collection of poetry titled For the Girl Named After Scarlett O'Hara. A second edition of Just Some Words followed shortly after. The first work by an author other than Christopher Lauzon was published in 2014, a rediscovered volume of poetry titled Verses by late-19th and early-20th century poet E.H.C. In early 2015 a third volume of Mr. Lauzon's poetry was published, Big Empty. Although Paper Street Press has primarily been known for poetry thus far, a collection of short stories and a series of fantasy novels are in the works and will hopefully be published soon.