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Lewis II: The Northern Campaign is the first novel in an exciting new fantasy series. The powerful Echinian Empire finds itself under assault on multiple fronts; in the far north, young General Lewis of House Ishtibar, third in line for the throne, is fighting for the survival of his nation. He presses on across mountains, deserts and snow-packed tundra to preserve his nation against those who would see it destroyed so that he may one day sit on his family's throne as the second of his name. 



This recently rediscovered volume of poetry was written in the late-19th and early-20th centuries by an unknown individual with the initials "E.H.C." The soaring verse covers familiar and timeless themes such as lost love, but also touches upon religion, nature, and the ideals and morals of mankind. An interesting read for any poetry lover, this volume offers an unrivaled look into the cultural morays of the author's time.

The third volume of poetry by author Christopher Lauzon, Big Empty picks up where his previous volume left off and offers even more deeply tragic verse from the soul of an individual who has had his heart broken time and again. His largest collection of poetry yet, the 60 poems contained within will leave the reader yearning for an answer to the enigmatic and enduring mystery that is lost love. 





"This novella tells the tragic and sad tale of unrequited love...It is something most, if not all, young people go through...I thoroughly enjoyed this short read and recommend it!"

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Christopher Lauzon's second book of poetry, For the Girl Named After Scarlett O'Hara, contains 58 poems dedicated to a girl he loved and lost many years ago. The often tragic verse ranges from depressing to enraging and even touches on jubilance at times. Arranged in a chronological order, the reader can follow the progression of the relationship from the day the girl named after Scarlett O'Hara entered the author's life right up to the day she left it, and even the aftermath of that event. A must for those who have loved and lost.

Originally published in a limited run in 2010, the second edition of author Christopher Lauzon's inaugural offering of poetry has been edited for format without sacrificing the heart of the poetry contained within, which deals primarily with lost love but also touches on subjects such as family, politics, and death. A must for any poetry lover.